Linda Wei has been a Practicing Massuese for over 20 Years and is experienced in all types of Chinese Massage, her experience has allowed her clients to Releive Pain, Increase Energy Levels, Speed Up Recovery From Injury, Improve Circulation, Increase Emotional Well Being try us once you will always rebook ....

About us

Offering a range of Traditional Chinese Massage Therapies we can assist with any issues or pains your body may have. Our Therapy is performed by a fully trained Masseuse, offering a full range of Massage Types. We can tailor your preferred massage when you arrive, or you may just simply want a relaxing massage to wind down from a stressful time, call us or book we would love to see you 07462 152882 or email

What We Can Offer You

Chinese Cupping

What does Chinese cupping do?
Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage
Price £30.00 for Approx 30 minute session


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body. A key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain. Increasingly, it is being used for overall wellness, including stress management.

Traditional Chinese medicine explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force — known as chi or qi (chee) — believed to flow through pathways (meridians) in your body. By inserting needles into specific points along these meridians, acupuncture practitioners believe that your energy flow will re-balance.

In contrast, many Western practitioners view the acupuncture points as places to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue. Some believe that this stimulation boosts your body's natural painkillers

Price £70.00 for 35-40 minute Session

Traditional Chinese Massage

Traditional Chinese Medicine massage therapists use their elbows, fingers, and hands to rhythmically stimulate acupuncture points, producing a vibration that influences the flow of energy through the body. Since the energy points correspond to our organs, a quality Chinese massage session positively affects our physical well-being.

Massage techniques, which include kneading, chopping, rubbing, or pressing against the skin, are all meant to help balance and unblock the body’s channels so that Qi can flow naturally.

Price £60.00 - 1 Hour or £80.00 - 90 Minutes

Additional Treatments We Can Offer

Ear Candle

Proponents of ear candling say that it softens earwax and sucks out wax and impurities from the ear. With that, they claim that ear candling can treat:

  • Sinusitis
  • Sinus pain
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Dizziness
  • Middle ear infection
  • Price for this £30.00 and will take aprox 20-25 minutes

Other Services

  • We can Offer a Full Consultation and offer a personalised programe £15.00
  • Infrared Light Theraply £80.00

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Offering a range of massage therapies, each session is tailored to suit you. From treating a specific injury to simply melting away the stresses of the day, we will work with you to provide the best possible results.